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Imagine something like Instagram’s filters merged with Snapchat’s Lenses but usable across any social network.


Werble is a fresh creative app that provides a new way for users to create cinemagraphs or “living photos” by artistically blending seamlessly looping animated content with their own photos.

The process is designed to be fast and fun, and to produce good looking, viral and varied results with minimal time and effort. A streamlined randomiser can drastically change the final look to generate unique and striking results quickly; the user may also fine-tune everything if artistically inclined. The results can be shared direct to social networks as videos or animated gifs.

The Team

Fleur De Force

Fleur is one of the most successful beauty and fashion vloggers in the UK. She started making videos on YouTube in September 2009, and has been building her global audience ever since.

Her YouTube videos currently attract 4-6 million views per month, and between her two channels she has accumulated over 1.8 million subscribers. Her blog attracts an average of 100,000 unique visitors per month and between all of her sites she has a combined view count of over 200,000,000.

Dan Haigh

A multidisciplinary creative - an English musician, video director, video game designer, writer and visual effects artist. Co-founder of award winning synthwave band GUNSHIP and co-founder and bass player in the English alternative rock band Fightstar (4 Top 40 UK albums and Top 10 UK single).


Dan hopes to bring powerfully creative tools to the public via the mobile marketplace. He also wishes to encourage people to unlock their creative potential by democratising technology usually reserved for Hollywood post production facilities.

Alexander Gingell

A scientist by training, Alex holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry and DPhil in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry from Oxford University. Alex carried out postdoctoral research in atomic and molecular physics in the UK and Denmark for a number of years, resulting in a number of high profile publications including in the journal Nature.


Alex has twenty years of experience in 3D design and computer visual effects for games and films, and is co-founder of Horsie in the Hedge. A self-taught programmer, he has been developing software for science, games and visual effects since the early days. Alex is also a member of the band GUNSHIP.

Alex Westaway

An artist, musician, producer, writer and entrepreneur. After school Alex studied fine art at Central St.Martins before forming the British alternative rock band Fightstar, releasing 5 top 40 albums and touring the world over several years.


Following the band’s hiatus, Alex joined Dan Haigh and Alex Gingell to form Horsie In The Hedge, a media creation company. Alex is also a co-founder of the critically acclaimed synthwave group GUNSHIP.

Sharonjit Clare

Formerly the Senior Investment & Strategy Manager at Telent Limited (2nd to CIO), overseeing the investment of GBP 4 billion across multi asset classes, strategies and managers in addition to managing governance and special projects.


Sharonjit recently left Man Group, the world's largest listed hedge fund manager, where she focused on the Institutional and consulting milieu. She was included in the FN 40 under 40 asset management rising stars list for a few years and the Chief Investment Officer Forty Under Forty list also. Was a member of the AIMA Research Committee and Head of StrategicLeadership with 100 Women in Hedge Funds.

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