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Werble Challenge


Each week or so we run a challenge to see who can produce the best animation (Werble) using imagery we provide in-app. We repost the winner and runners up on our social media and feature the winner in-app and on socials.

To have fun and compete, go to the challenge page inside the app (tap the trophy icon at the top of the home page, or the button above):

Then simply:

  1. Save the imagery to your device (tap the download arrow on the images you want to save)​.

  2. Create a Werble using at least one of these images, and any other imagery or Werble effects you wish. Only Werble should be used for editing the visuals - using other apps makes the entry ineligible because this is a Werble editing challenge.

  3. Post the Werble to Instagram using the hashtag listed on the challenge page (you can tap the hashtag to copy it to your clipboard).

We provide a choice of images, and sometimes also isolated layers that you can import into Werble to reconstruct the image and get more creative control faster. Be sure to scroll down and see what options you have at your disposal for each challenge! You can tap the info button at the top of the in-app challenge page to get more information.

Let's have some fun, see what we can create and explore where we can take this. Thanks for playing 😊👍

[NB: We used to provide each challenge's imagery here, but have now moved our challenge fully in-app for more convenient access. If you don't like this change, please let us know at 😉]

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